Buffalo APA Offers

APA Pool Leagues 

Bring a Friend

** Bring a friend, family member, co-worker or any new player into the local Buffalo APA league and receive a Free Play Voucher for a night of league play.
  1. New players are identified as a player who does not currently participate in any APA league play or has not participated within the last two calendar years

Build a Team Program

*** Create a new standard format 8-Ball or 9-Ball team in an active division which contains 3 or more new players and receive the following benefit:
  1. 1x Complementary $25 Annual Membership
  2. 5x Free Play Vouchers

Fill the BYE

*** Start a new team after Week 4 which fills a divisional BYE and receive a $10 discount per week for the remainder of that session.
  1. Not applicable if a team moves from one division to another

Split a Qualified Team

*** Split a team which is qualified for the World Qualifier Tournament (standard 8-Ball or 9-Ball team) before the 4th week of league play and receive the following incentives.
  1. Each team will receive 15x Free Play Vouchers
* Only one (1) incentive may be used at the same time; provided Free Play vouchers do not include table time.
** Incentives provided for bringing in a new player are awarded once the new member participates in that session’s minimum number of required matches.
*** Incentives provided for building or splitting teams are awarded once the new team(s) have completed four (4) weeks of play.